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Uehara Brewery

Uehara Shuzo Furosen Wataribune Shiga Sake NV 720ml


Country: Japan

Region: Shiga Prefecture

Type: Sake 

Rice Variety: Wataribune, Yamada Nishiki

Alcohol: 17.3%

Polish Rate: 55%

Uehara Shuzō was founded in 1862 in the city of Takashima in the Shiga prefecture. It has been doing business for seven generations. The city is situated on the coast of Japan’s largest lake: Lake Biwa, and enjoys natural fresh water coming from the nearby mountains. 80% of Uehara sake is made with rice grown locally and only a little is imported from other Japanese regions. The rice polishing takes place entirely in the brewery, allowing the master brewer to fully control the process and the rice humidity to make the best sake.

Traditions are important here. Fermentation happens in wooden casks and the pressing is conducted using a traditional wooden press. While these methods are not as efficient as modern technics, they require skills and mastery that can be experienced in the final product.