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Sugii Shuzo

Sugii Shuzo Suginishiki Tamazakae Shizuoka Sake NV 720ml


Country: Japan

Region: Shizuoka

Type: Sake

Rice Variety: Tamasakae


Polishing Rate: 60%


ABV: 15.5%


This sake is made by Sugii-san, an entirely self-taught brewer who experiments and adjusts as he goes along, with the intention of producing a different outcome for each sake every year.  Sugii-san uses the Yamahai starter method, a method typically only used used by artisanal breweries due to the extra brewing time and labor required. Sakes made in the Yamahai method generally tend to be richer in taste and have more pronounced acidity than those made using the modern Sokujo method.

This is a robust sake with an earthy, faintly herbal character and a touch of spice.