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Domaine Matassa

Matassa Brutal Blanc & Rouge 2022 - Limited 2-Bottle Set


no added sulfur

Matassa Brutal Blanc 2022

Matassa Brutal Rouge 2022

Tom Lubbe is crafting uniquely delicious natural wines under the Domaine Matassa label In the south of France. Fruit is hand-harvested. The vineyard is on Marl, a calcium-carbonate rich soil consisting of clay and silt. Fermentation is whole-cluster for about 4 days and the wine is pressed and racked into fiberglass for 7 months of aging. Both of these wines are just 10.5% ABV.

Brutal Blanc 2022 is a skin contact dry white made from 70 year-old Macabeu vines. Whole-cluster fermentation with 3 weeks of skin contact. This medium-bodied orange wine has intense aromas of stone fruits, herbs, and tea. 

This Brutal Rouge 2022 (a blend of Syrah and Muscat a Petit Grains) is a bright, juicy and vibrant red, just bursting with flavors of red berries, with undertones of herbs and spices. A captivating wine, with plenty of natural acidity.