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COS Pithos Bianco 2018 1.5L


no added sulfur

Country: Italy

Region: Sicily

Type: Orange Wine

Grape: Grecanico

Giusto Occhipinti of COS is a benchmark producer in the Vittoria appellation of Sicily, and certainly one of the most important, influential, producers in all of Sicily if not Italy as a whole. The winery was founded in 1980 by three friends, Giambattista Cilia, Giusto Occhipinti, and Cirino Strano. The initials of their last names form the winery’s name. The winery is practicing organic and ferments in amphorae using natural, ambient yeast.

Organic/Biodynamic farming. Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts in terracotta amphorae, on the skins. Aged in amphora and bottle.

Generous bouquet of blossom, just ripe peach and apricot with a surprisingly rugged, tannic texture and a long finish.