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Pheasant's Tears

Pheasant's Tears Tsolikouri 2021


no added sulfur

Country: Georgia

Region: Kakheti

Type: White Wine

Grape: Tsolikouri 

Founded in 2007, Pheasant’s Tears was set up to revive the ancient traditions of Georgian winemaking. The vineyard plantings flow down the slopes of the eastern Georgian Kiziqi province overlooking the Alazani Valley and snow-capped Caucasus Mountains. The winery's principal site is located near the village of Tibaani in the shadow of the 6th-century Monastery of St. Stephen.

This Tsolikouri comes from the town of Vani in Imereti in central/west Georgia, near the historical capital of Colchis (the name of the ancient kingdom). It is the lightest and most citrusy of the Pheasant's Tears wines, and has no skin contact.