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No Control Babinou VDF Red 2022


no added sulfur

Country: France

Region: Auvergne

Type: Red Wine

Grape: Muscat/Chardonnay/Trousseau/Gamay/Chenin Blanc

Vincent Marie loves natural wine. Since 2013, He has been on a quest to make wine with as little intervention as possible. Biodynamic preparation and organic farming are at the center of this small Domaine in the village of Volvic, in the Auvergne. The transparency of the resulting wines speaks to his variated terroir, and expert prowess. Some of his vines are as young as 15 years, and some are as old as 120. They come from granite soils, basilica and volcanic bedrock.

This is a fresh and juicy co-ferment with notes of raspberry, blood orange and violet. Serve chilled.