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Lucy Margaux

Lucy Margaux Vino Rosso 2020


no added sulfur

Country: Australia

Region: Adelaide Hills

Type: Red Wine

Grape: Merlot/Pinot Noir/Sangiovese/Gamay/Pinot Gris

Winemaker Anton Van Klopper has a very straight view of what ‘natural’ wine should or should not be. It is ‘simply made from grapes’, with nothing added, nothing removed. Anton sees to a small plot of vines in the Adelaide Hills region, where he grows vegetables too. 

A blend of 70% Merlot from Hope Valley, 15% Pinot Noir from Piccadilly Valley, along with 15% lees wine from Sangiovese, Pinot Gris and Gamay. Vinification with carbonic maceration in whole bunches for ten days where the Merlot is placed at the bottom and covered with Pinot Noir. Subsequently it is aged in old large wooden barrels. Blending of wines takes place upon bottling, with the addition of fine Sangiovese, Pinot Gris and Gamay lees. No fining, filtration or added sulfur.

Light red fruits, fine tannins and lots of texture. A tart, bright and juicy red that is the perfect table wine.