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Denis Montanar

Denis Montanar Verduzzo Friuli 2015


no added sulfur

Country: Italy

Region: Friuli

Type: Orange Wine

Grape: Verduzzo Friulano

Denis Montanar comes from a family of farmers who have worked this estate in Friuli for four generations. The vineyards, the oldest of which date back to 1920, have never exposed to herbicides, have been farmed organically and following biodynamic principles since 1996. The unique micro-location is exposed to winds from the Adriatic Sea, just a few miles south, yet protected by mountains in the north. The grapes are hand-picked, and wines ferment only with indigenous yeasts (sulfur is never added during fermentation) and are always unfined and unfiltered.

This is an elegant skin-macerated wine with notes of honey, dried figs, macerated fruits and aromatic herbs.