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Sete Bomba Orange 2021


no added sulfur

Country: Italy

Region: Lazio

Type: Pet-Nat

Grape: Ottonese

An hour south of Rome lies the town of Priverno. In 2013 three locals Emiliano Giorgi, Arcangelo Galuppi and Martina D’alessio set about saving the commune’s vineyards, abandoned in times of economic downturn. With minimal equipment but a strong ethos, the trio have championed native grapes, uncompromisingly producing wine that tells the story of the Amaseno river valley. The vineyards are exemplars of biodiversity – mature fig and olive trees serve as row posts for the vines and wildflowers grow between. Everything is done by hand with no additives in the vineyard or the winery.

Grapes for the sparkling wine base were harvested at the beginning of September and macerated on the skins for two days. The base wine was made sparkling with the addition of must obtained from a late harvest in October. Disgorgement by hand. 11.5% ABV.