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Sandlands RARE CELLAR OFFERING 4 Vintages / 4 Varities


A CRAZY, RARE 4 bottle set of Sandlands wines. 

2015 Trousseau - Sonoma County, CA

2016 Chenin Blanc - California 

2017 Refosco - Napa Valley, CA

2018 Cinsault - Lodi, CA

These wines are allocated when they are released, sell out fast and are rarely seen again. This would be a perfect GIFT for a fan of Sandlands, a culty California fan or an amazing tasting get together for you and some friends. 

Here is some background if you don't know Sandlands or Tegan:

Tegan Passalacqua, is a Californian winemaker who specializes in making 'old vine' wine (i.e., wine from grape vines that are at least 60 and up to 100+ years old),  by day, he is the head winemaker at Turley Wine Cellars, a leading Zinfandel producer. In his spare time, however, he makes premium wines under the Sandlands label using Turley's facilities and "forgotten" grape varieties such as Carignane, Mataro, and Chenin Blanc. To us Tegan is a source of knowledge, THE link to a nearly forgotten past of California winemaking, and a winemaker's winemaker. 

We have ONLY ONE of these 4 bottle sets to offer, and if we did not have bills to pay this would never be seeing the light of day. But we are stoked someone is going to buy this slice of Sandlands history. 


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