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Poderi Sanguineto

Poderi Sanguineto 'Rosso Toscana' Sangiovese 2020


no added sulfur

Country: Italy

Region: Tuscany

Type: Red Wine

Grape: Prugnole Gentile (Sangiovese)

Poderi Sanguineto 1 & 2 is the family estate of Dora Forsoni in Montepulciano. Dora and her partner Patrizia Castiglioni continue to do all the work on the farm where Dora's father passed down to her from generations of knowledge how to tend the old vines of Prugnolo Gentile, Mammolo, Canaiolo, Nero Toscano and Sangiovese, and how to make the wine as it has been made for generations.

Dora has been working on the farm since 1968. Vines have always represented a small part of the 35 hectare property (4.7 hectares as of 2013). Up until 1997, the wine had always been sold indiscriminately in bulk. In 1996, while cleaning up some of her father's old belongings, Dora found one of the very few unmarked bottles he had kept for himself. While the vintage was unknown, it was most probably from the late 1970's. More importantly, the wine was so good that it inspired Dora to start bottling independently.

Dora is a true force of nature. Now well into her 70's, she still farms 100% of the vineyards alone, only allowing outsiders during harvest time to pick grapes. There are no herbicides or pesticides used here. The fermentations are done using indigenous yeasts in either concrete vats or old botti of slavonian oak. The results are an exciting revelation of focused, clear wines.