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Papras Bio

Papras Bio 'Oreads' Rosé Black Muscat of Tyrnavos 2021


no added sulfur

Country: Greece

Region: Thessalia 

Type: Rose

Grape:  Black Muscat of Tyrnavos

Papras Bio Wines is operated by the Papras family. Stergios Papras, the family’s oenologist, was the local co-op’s president and oenologist from 1979 until recently, and put the region on the map for championing the indigenous grapes of the area - Black Muscat of Tyrnavos and Tsipouro.

Stergios Papras has always been an advocate for organic viticulture, and his vineyards have been certified organic since 1990 (the first year this was possible for Greece). His brother, Thomas, and his son, personally tend to the vineyards. The focus is on fresh, organic, sparkling and still wines, with the indigenous grapes of the area, mainly Black Muscat of Tyrnavos, and Roditis.

Oreads are nymphs of the mountains, for which this natural rose from the slopes of the mythical Mount Olympus is named. Vinified in small stainless steel tanks with 14 days of skin contact. 50% of stems were reintroduced into the fermentation tank and removed upon completion.  Bottled unfiltered/unfined with minimal sulfur.

Cloudy peach-golden color, with aromatic notes of roses mixed with tropical fruit and barley, and a pleasantly aromatic palate of blood orange.