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MENAT Greko 2020


no added sulfur

Country: Italy

Region: Calabria

Type: Orange Wine

Grape: Greco Bianco/Trebbiano

After years dedicated to the importation of Georgian artisanal wines and the selection of coffee and other products in Latin America, Nicola moved to Mexico, where a longtime friend, Michele, visited him and proposed that they reorganize Michele's grandfather's winery and vineyards, located in San Nicola dell'Alto, in the Ionian part of Calabria. The two began to work to create a real ‘marani’ (Georgian-style cellar) in the country, and the MENAT project was born, with the first vintage 2018.

Nicola and Michele of MENAT maintain a strict philosophy about their project, how the wines are made, where they distributed and how they are written about. The philosophy of winemaking learned in Georgia and the decision to follow biodynamic farming are the basis for the project. Menat currently produces four wines, characterized by  freshness and drinkability. They use no additives, including sulfur, maintain a fully biodynamic practice, and use imported Georgian Kvevri.

From vineyards over fifty years old, Greco, Trebbiano and also other native white grapes macerated on the skins for 9 lunar cycles, then pressed again and left to age always in Georgian amphorae. Gold color, with exotic aromas of turmeric and black tea on the nose. On the palate, floral notes and flavors of apricot, candied ginger, and turmeric. 11% ABV.