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Marco De Bartoli

Marco De Bartoli Terzavia Brut Nature Metodo 2020


no added sulfur

Country: Italy

Region: Sicily

Type: Sparkling Wine

Grape: Grillo

Terzavia, meaning “the third way”, is an interpretation of Grillo that represents the tradition of an evolving territory, highlighting French tradition with a strong Sicilian personality. The clusters are manually selected and the grapes are cooled. A direct soft pressing of the whole clusters follows and, after a natural decanting of the must, fermentation starts in stainless steel tanks and continues, for only 20% of the grapes, in French oak barrels at a controlled temperature. Native yeasts and minimal sulfur.

Wild aromas of dried citrus rinds with exotic floral notes, raw honey, candied ginger and tropical melon. It's soft-textured, savory, and refreshing with tons of minerality.