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Madson Wines

Madson Sauvignon Blanc Sans Soufre Arroyo Grande 2022


no added sulfur


Region: Central Coast

Type: White Wine

Grape: Sauvignon Blanc

Madson Wines is a collaboration between Cole Thomas, Ken Swegles and Abbey Chrystal out of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The trio is committed to celebrating the terroir of these mountains, highlighting the natural freshness and acidity grapes are able to retain here. They work mostly with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, showcasing single-vineyard bottlings as well as blends, with a focus on energy and elegance.

The Madson team leases vineyards throughout Santa Cruz Mountains, enabling them to take full control over vineyard management. The team’s farming practices are entirely organic, and they have helped transition many vineyards that they lease. They have also gone a step further with a pledge to operate at 100% carbon neutral. Wines are generally bottled without fining or filtration, and with little to no sulfur.

For this wine, 33% of the grapes are fermented whole cluster for 6 days, introducing carbon dioxide for carbonic fermentation. After pressing the remaining 66% of the wine directly to tank, Madson racks the wine into 228-liter barrels for primary fermentation. Both lots age in barrel separately until blending before bottling, without sulfur.