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Les Cigales

Les Cigales dans la Fourmilière Marée Basse 2021


Due to tiny production and high demand for this wine, we are currently limiting orders to 1 per person.
no added sulfur

Country: France

Region: Languedoc

Type: Red Wine

Grape: Grenache Noir/Grenache Blanc/Chardonnay/Muscat

Life partners Julie Brosselin and Ivo Ferreira came together to form Les Cigales dans le Fourmiliere, and are now making incredible natural wines in a small, northern region of Languedoc, called MontpeyrouxThe wines are a wonderful expression of the French Mediterranean climate, reflecting the warm sun and proximity to the sea.

Red and white grapes are co-fermented. Crunchy red fruits and exceptional freshness. This is a light red with enough structure to go well with food.