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Les Capriades

Les Capriades Poire de Loup 2019


Country: France

Region: Loire

Type: Cider

Pear: Carési/Crassot Rouge/De Loup 

Famed Loire Valley winemaker Pascal Potaire is the mind behind Les Capriades, a range of pet-nat wines that have helped inspire global interest in the category. But Potaire has long had another love, Poiré—the sparkling pear counterpart to apple cider. 

After five years of discussing a prospective pear project with friends and contacts in the Vendôme area, his pear plan began to take shape around 2018. Potaire learned that the Northern reaches of the Loir-et-Cher region, where grapevines yield to fields of grain and scattered orchards, is rich with fruit trees but poor in producers, which left an opportunity to make use of heirloom apples and pears as well as promote local products and regional specialties that had been long forgotten. He began making ciders and was thrilled with the results.

This delicious sparkling Poiré is disgorged by hand.