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Martha Stoumen

Jus Jus - Night Sparkling 2021



Country: USA

Region: California

Type: Pet-Nat

Grape: Chardonnay/Muscat

Jus Jus is the first low-alcohol sparkling verjus. A collaboration between Julia Sherman (Salad for President) and natural winemaker Martha Stoumen, Jus Jus is the first low-alcohol sparkling verjus.

Made from organic California grapes, these low-alcohol wines capture the tang of a sun-ripened kumquat, the heady aroma of honeysuckle in bloom, and the bright snap of a Bosc pear, set afloat on dainty, champagne-like bubbles. Serve chilled on its own, or as a spritz.

Jus Jus: Night is a blend of tart, organic Chardonnay from Hawkeye Ranch In Redwood Valley, CA, with aromatic, organic Muscat blanc from First Generation Farmers in Contra Costa, CA. Made with no added sulfites or preservatives.

Fermented in the style of a Pét-Nat to just 7% ABV, Jus Jus: Night has one half the ABV of your average sparkling wine. It is slightly drier and boozier than Jus Jus: Day.