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Fabio Gea

Fabio Gea 'Lunar Cycle' 3 Pack from Barbaresco


3 from Fabio Gea in Barbaresco

Fabio Gea Vino Rosso Mushroom Panda 2019

Fabio Gea Barbera d`Alba Superiore Palma 2017

Fabio Gea Barbaresco Notu Seguiva 2016

In the Natural Wine world, there are many talented visionaries and lots of "characters", Fabio Gea is both. His is truly unconventional, in one of the most conservative & slow moving wine regions in Italy, Piemonte. We love his wines and his energy. This set is your space shuttle ticket to planet Gea. 

Fabio inherited a few tiny plots in Barbaresco from his grandfather and has taken his energy & curiosity and created something truly special. Everything about his wines and winemaking is unique, all the farming is done by hand, he experiments with older large oak barrels, glass and steel in the cellar alongside what he calls his “toilets” porcelain amphora that he designed and created himself. His oak barrels are not toasted like 99% of all barrels, instead he receives them untreated and “vaporizes” the wood sugars & oils himself by applying dangerously hot volcanic stones to the interior. He truly does not care what his neighbors are doing or what is popular but instead is compelled in crafting natural wines that are pure, muscular, complex and delicious.
Anyone who names one his wines ‘Mushroom Panda’ has already been invited into our world. 🍄🐼