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Domaie des Grottes

Domaine des Grottes Antidote 2020 (zero alcohol)


Country: France

Region: Beaujolais

Type: Pet-Nat

Grape: Gamay/Tea/Apples

Des Grottes initially came to Beaujolais after finishing business school. He already had a child he wished to raise in the countryside, and had no special attachment to Paris, when his grandfather proposed he help manage the office for the Château de Lacarelle.’ Of the 8 hectares he farms, he ripped up 50% to put in cereal and cover crops to aid in the soil health and sustainability.

This is a non-alcoholic beverage. Domaie des Grottes produces the Gamay juice and grows most of the herbs (except ginger, which doesn't grow locally). There are 15 herbs altogether and they extract aromas carefully, with different methods adapted for each one. They blend the juice and the tea and add a bit of apple juice, then carbonate and pasteurize the beverage.  There are no additives.