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Alexander Jules

Alexander Jules Amontillado 1/42 (375 ml)


no added sulfur

Country: Spain

Region: Cádiz

Type: Sherry

Grape: Palomino

Alexander Jules is a label of barrel selected sherries chosen by winemaker and Sherry expert Alex Russan. He searches the Sherry Triangle for exceptional soleras of unique composition or circumstance, marking with chalk those he feels to be the most complex and elegant, or that reflect the profile he would like to bring out from within that solera. All bottlings are en rama, being only gently filtered or entirely unfiltered, with no other treatments or additions, including sulfur.

Seventy years average age, single barrel, bota punta, this classic Sanlucar Amontillado was selected from within one of the region's most revered soleras.  Intense, concentrated, linear, briny and salty, with notes of orange, walnut and hazelnut.