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Dinamo Nucleo 3 Rosato 2019 (1000 ml)


no added sulfur

Country: Italy

Region: Umbria

Type: Rose

Grape: Sangiovese/Gamay del Trasimeno (Grenache)

The “Dinamo” project is a nod to the historic peasant wines of Umbria, in a collaboration between Danilo Nofrini with his children Rachele and Simone, and Danilo Marcucci. After more than 40 years of making wine, Marcucci wanted to embrace the kind of wines that he used to make as a child with his grandfather. Together, in the highest vineyards around Lake Trasimeno, the Nofrinis and Marcucci have created an agricultural program that aims at wines that are pure and natural and pay homage to the Umbrian countryside.

These wines transparently express the clay and calcium-rich alluvial soils of Lake Trasimeno, and many of them celebrating the local red grape, Gamay del Trasimeno (a historic mis-named variety of Grenache).

Spontaneous fermentation, aged in stainless steel. No /added sulfur and no filtering or fining.

This wine is dry but fruity, mouth-quenching, with notes of pomegranate, orange and watermelon.