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Bisson Bianchetta Genovese U Pastine 2018



Country: Italy

Region: Liguria

Type: White Wine

Grape: Bianchetta Genovese

Lugano works closely with several small, local growers and staunchly defends indigenous, and increasingly rare, grape varieties and works tirelessly to ensure that they do not disappear. The vineyards are organically farmed and everything is done by hand.

The term U Pastine is from the local dialect indicating a very special product, appropriate for this rare white grape found only in Liguria. Bianchetta Genovese is grown in the area south of Genoa, and is usually just part of a field blend with other grapes), but Bisson was the first to vinify it on its own.

Zippy yet surprisingly full, the wine is clean and bright, filled with notes of citrus, minerality, and salinity. 

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